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EDT is the solo project of Emily Dix Thomas. Comprised of cello, voice and other things that make sounds, EDT creates songs and soundscapes with emotional intensity.

Live at Capital Records - July 2015EDT

The Huntress and Holder of Hands

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The Huntress is led by MorganEve Swain, with EDT, Liz Isenberg, Spencer Swain and James Maple. The project began as an expression of grief and growth for MorganEve after the loss of her husband Dave Lamb. The Huntress is rooted in the same emotional and musical language as Brown Bird, the project MorganEve shared with Dave.

Call to ArmsThe Huntress

Seaspace Landscape

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Seaspace Landscape is a poetry and music collaboration by writer S. Tourjee and EDT. The project begins in the ocean and moves to space. Born out of a long intense winter, the project came about as an attempt to make space for life in uninhabitable worlds. It is a meditative motion, an immersive sound and word-scape. 

Feminist Conference

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Feminist Conference is led by performance and textile artist J.R. Uretsky, with EDT and drummer and visual artist Rachel Blumberg. It is a project of music, puppetry, performance art, and feelings-- usually all at once. Feminist Conference has performed at Boston Center for the Arts and the Museum of Art and Design. 


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Correspondences is a queer doom trio, featuring Imogen Binnie, Lee King and EDT. 

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