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Emily Dix Thomas (EDT) is a cellist, a studio and touring musician, a composer and song writer, a teacher, and an interdisciplinary performer. She is a versatile musician, skilled as a soloist and ensemble performer. Her work ranges from classical to contemporary, folk to doom, oceanic soundscapes to noise, and sometimes mixed media collaborations featuring puppets, tears, and pop covers.

In addition to her solo work, EDT performs with the Huntress and Holder of Hands, Nova One, Seaspace Landscape, Feminist Conference, and Correspondences. In the past, she has toured and performed throughout the US and internationally with Young at Heart Chorus and Vio/Miré.

As an educator, EDT works with learners of all ages. She teaches cello privately, has taught individual and ensemble music with Community Music Works, has served as a guest artist and educator with Frequency Writers, and led an arts integration workshop for the teachers in a public school system. She values experimentation and play in learning spaces.

EDT is from Portland Maine, and now lives in Providence Rhode Island.

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